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Sending anything solves an eternal problem: sharing files between computers and between mobile phones. You can send and receive files, regardless of format or size, through the same Wi-Fi connection and share them with others without using flash memory or storage (function () {(‘browse-app -page-desktop ‘);});
Copy and paste
The process of sending and receiving any delivery file is as simple as copying the file and choosing the person to whom you want to send it. You can find it by clicking the Send Any icon, which shows users / devices connected to the same Wi-Fi connection from a computer, Mac, or Android device.

Get connected and get ready to go

Using any kind of transmission is as easy as turning on Wi-Fi and waiting for friends to connect their laptops or mobile devices to the same connection. In addition, each user can add their own photos and basic information through profiles.

Fast and reliable

AnySend’s quality depends on the speed of your Wi-Fi connection. However, the program itself is very easy to use – it supports all file formats and has no size restrictions.

Send via Wi-Fi

If you need to quickly share files with your friends and you do not want to connect cables to your computer and mobile device, Any Send lets you do this through a Wi-Fi connection. Simple and fast.

Any Send

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