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DNS Benchmark free download torrent

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Free software to test the performance of the DNS server for your ISP DNS stands for Domain Name Server and these servers, for example, translate domain names to the numeric addresses on which the Internet is based. You can’t do much on the Internet without a DNS server, but how do you know if the ones provided by your ISP are suitable for the job? The free DNS reference software offers a solution that seems a bit detailed for inexperienced and effective DNS testing. DNS benchmark is a freeware program that performs extensive testing on your DNS service provider’s (or other DNS servers) DNS servers. , This can help you identify poor performance that significantly slows down your overall internet experience. You can test multiple DNS servers both locally and remotely and export the results in different formats. Not only does DNS Benchmark generate detailed information for experts, it also provides a “Conclusions” tab with higher-level information to speed up the web experience. A poorly functioning DNS server slows down almost every action you take online. GRC’s DNS benchmark allows you to measure the speed of your ISP’s servers in a simple but accurate way, so you can choose the fastest and improve your browsing speed.

A Professional Tool to Diagnose Computer Problems As a free tool, AS SSD Benchmark determines the performance of solid-state devices in a computer or smart device. The tool contains no less than six separate synthetic tests and three copy tests. This shows how well your solid state device works or not, and allows you to take any action that may be needed.

An overview of AS SSD (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);});

The synthetic tests in the software determine both sequential and read / write performance for all solid-state devices that they recognize. It is important that these tests be performed without using the cache in the operating system so that a true image is visible. For example, in “Seq Test” the software measures how long it takes to write a file of exactly 1 GB size and then read it. Again, the ‘4K test’ measures read and write performance when randomly selected 4-kilobytes memory blocks are selected. Another test measures how 4 KB of data is read and written, but when the operations are distributed over 64 threads. These tests should, among other things, represent the built-in command line (NCQ) for a solid-state unit, e.g. B. the differences between IDE mode (NCQ not supported) and operation in AHCI mode.

Connection to AS SSD benchmark

AS SSD Benchmark is technical software that is useful for hardware personnel and that essentially generates an evaluation. In this way, you can turn many processes and tests into something that is easier to understand to compare one unit to another. At the end of the test series, three read and write performance values ​​are output for the solid-state drive to be measured. The results of the compression tests are sent out in a graphical format that facilitates recording. For example, the x-axis in the diagrams indicates the compressibility of data, which facilitates reading. In the copy test, which is reached via the copy step in the tool menu, a number of test result folders are created. The computer cache is still enabled for this test to get a real read. Multiple test runs should show the unit’s performance as you read and writesimultaneously under a number of conditions. Another good test is compression, which shows the performance of a solid-state device depending on the compressibility of the specified data. One noticeable disadvantage is that the user interface is only in German, which can discourage some users. Yet it is quite easy to master all the different functions without being an experienced linguist, and the different screens are arranged in a reasonable way that allows you to find out exactly what is happening.


This is a technical tool that is really only useful for computer engineers trying to diagnose computer problems. For example, it helps to find out if a solid-state drive is responsible for slow operation or if the problem is with another component on a PC.

DNS Benchmark

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Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy girlygirl download

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Extremely Disappointing Climbing Game Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a single player video game platformer developed by Bennett Foddy and released in 2017. Available for PCs and mobile devices, overcoming it is a frustrating activity for try climbing a mountain. various obstacles and falls again and again. Despite its raging hardships, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy still became popular enough to become one of the best computer games of 2017.

Hard ways There were many video games that were difficult to complete simply because they did not have a storage space. In a platform game, it was the system where you had to go to the beginning of the level when you were in a mess and your character died, which would be very annoying if your last breakthrough was pretty good; (Function () {(‘review-application-page-desktop’);}); Over time, video games began to take advantage of the ability to save and load the state of their game and return to it in case it ever failed. Sometimes you have to go through the checkpoints first, or you can only record using a specific element, but the reality of video games has gradually changed; Hard ways, such as easily losing your progress, can now be turned on or off. As titles become more sophisticated with more sophisticated systems such as the dreaded Dark Souls franchise, these frenzied games now return with an anger-inducing game, accompanied by platform players, and stands out on an escalation that has never been more so. difficult. Along with Bennett Foddy, he was inspired by a 2002 platformer game called Jazzuo Sexy Hiking. It looks and plays just like the low-speed B-game you usually find on Flash game websites. With Bennet Foddy’s notoriously hated game, it became a simple concept to overcome obstacles with only a reliable collection. In the game, you control a naked and bald man named Diogenes, whose bottom is forever trapped in a great black;

The only ally who can’t do their seemingly impossible task of climbing steep objects down a steep mountain pass is a long climbing hammer. The direction of the hammer is constantly controlled by its mice or touch pads. You can choose what you use, and the only way to get anywhere is to have creative control of the hammer. You can use it as a pogo stick or a hanger jump and you can go up and down the hill with you; To complicate the task, the boat with which Diogenes is trapped is slippery. And if that’s not enough, there are no recordings or checkpoints to go on. It’s like a game to make sure you always drop your pass at some point on the lowest level. The game doesn’t really restart because it’s a great card, but the feelings are the same. Nor does it help Bennett Foddy to comment on philosophy in the background while playing jazz.

Rosehip Pain In general, overcoming it is certainly frustrating and will definitely make you cry at some point. It’s not for those who lose their mood easily. Bennett Foddys, however, also takes his typical hassle to clear the lesson of accepting failure and to remain confident. In any case, these sophisticated games will always give players even more sense of achievement when they finally hit it.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

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Winamp Classic download torrent

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Free music and video for PCs Winamp Classic is a free software package that offers the same playback capabilities as this new product. Many standard tools are available and you can customize their layout according to the user’s unique settings. It’s easy to work with and with this simple layout, it can be perfect for those looking for media features and lightweight features. However, it can also work with a limited number of video codecs. This includes AVI, MPEG and MP4. Another interesting feature of this package is that it has the ability to work with operating systems that depend on Apple and standard PCs. Few other packages offer this feature. However, the small amount of memory ensures that performance will not be poor (function () {(‘preview-page-page-desktop’);}); Benefits and additional tools Winamp Classic distributes additional plugins as an audio application with three metadata. and rejuvenated skin surface. Thus, it is very easy to adjust its appearance and balance the power of the game. This lightweight feature also allows applications to stay open while other applications are running. If the media player is free, it is a desirable alternative to other systems that require paid subscriptions.

Winamp Classic

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FIFA Football installer download torrent

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FIFA Football 2005 is a game where you can play football and lead your team to become a champion. His style of play and ease of handling finally reached the point where he was consistently good. FIFA Soccer 2005 is a casual dream for players as it is extremely difficult to manage without introducing a sudden learning curve. Shoot with the players of the day. If you were a football fan in 2005, many faces are known and remembered. If you weren’t a fan of 2005, you can only recognize one or two faces as current TV presenters or true stars. The chart outperforms earlier, but is more blocked and sharper than later versions of FIFA. But the graphics aren’t that primitive to get you out of the game. FIFA Football 2005. Enjoy many more hours. (Function () {(‘application page-desktop overview’);}); things have become less attractive to players since 2005, when you move to FIFA 2008, you will find that the controls become more sophisticated and there are many more in each game. This is good for hardcore FIFA game fans, but it was a devastating blow for casual players who just wanted to hit the ball. Step back in time and try this football game before driving becomes more difficult than driving an airplane.

FIFA Football

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Beyond Compare Torrent

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Comparing file differences quickly and easily is a good skill for both professional and personal use. Of course, if you have hundreds or thousands of files and folders, it can be difficult to track all and see changes in every detail. Fortunately, powerful software such as Beyond Compare is available to help users. Beyond Compare is a data comparison tool that can be used to compare data entries to version. What is comparable? As mentioned above, data comparison is an important skill for professionals and amateurs. Software developers and manual testers find great services for comparability as they can detect code differences and track changes to specific files. This way, developers can easily control which version of the source code should be kept and deleted. It can also be used to detect file corruption by checking for changes. (function () {(‘Review page of application page’);}); For personal use, this is a great way to organize your files. You can find duplicate files in folders, quickly find others, and rate them. Beyond Compare is a cross-platform tool that can be downloaded and installed on most desktop operating systems. It is available in multiple languages ​​and has a small installation file that makes the installation process one. How does it work? For comparison purposes, you only need to drag and drop files and folders to be compared to the Beyond Compares home screen. When the analysis is complete, two items will appear next to each other. The application can be used to compare text files, music, folders, etc. The results depend on the file types being compared. For example, when comparing folders, two color lists of folders are displayed. The color code indicates whether the files are available in two folders, in only one folder, or whether the two files are different. Additional color codes are also available for other file states specified in the comparison. One of the best features besides being incomparable is the folder synchronization feature. This feature allows users to adjust the differences automatically. Differences in text files are highlighted in red for easier reference. The same applies to music and other multimedia files, with the exception that their metadata are compared and highlighted, not their metadata; In addition to comparison, files can be quickly modified, deleted, copied or synchronized after comparison. Similar to folder synchronization, it also has a 3-way merge feature that allows users to merge changes from one file to another. Powerful Comparison Tool Comparing files and folders is a must-have task for all your organization’s operations. Compare is a powerful utility that eliminates the need for manual comparisons. No matter whether you are a professional who needs to make a lot of comparisons in a short period of time, or just someone who wants to organize your files, Beyond Compare is a handy tool.

Beyond Compare

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Hitman: Absolution Didums download

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Hitman: Absolution is an action game where you play the killer contract, Agent 47. The game is mostly stealthy, it’s violent but requires more thought and patience than most basic structure Hitman. . from the scene, find your target and decide how to capture it (function () {(‘desktop-request-review page’);}); it’s been six years since the last Hitman game and the game has changed dramatically over the years. Don’t worry, Hitman: Absolution is not a past addiction. Looks like, the public scene is one of the best we’ve ever seen and comes with a really good soundtrack. Soft cover systems have been added, making raccoons feel more natural, and fairer shooting are some of the things to improve: Stealing clothes from the body is a bit lively, for example. You will spend a lot of time hiding and finding a safe passage of places and, in some ways, not enjoying this year: releasing is easier than before. The difficulty setting means that more casual players will enjoy it, while harder settings will suit those who want the mode to be a great new development. This allows you to select levels and weapons and set goals for yourself and other players. It plays on the level, “designing” your actions. Once that is done, someone else will be able to execute your contract. This social aspect should give Hitman: Absolution a long life, assuming fans continue to make new ones this year. With Dishonored, Assassin’s Creed 3 and now Hitman: Absolution, great choices! Hitman: Absolution is a worthy entry in this series. It is full of tension, vicious and atmospheric and offers excellent reproductive value with its Contract approach.

Hitman: Absolution

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Corel VideoStudio Pro 32bit-64bit torrent download

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With digital video cameras and video editing software, you don’t have to be Roman Romans these days to make your own movies. Uleads Video Video Studio has been at the forefront of the budget video software market for a while now, and these latest versions promise more assurance for hard users who want to make music videos, add their own home movies, or create memories over their lives.

Slow cuttings and stars (function () {(‘preview-page-page-desktop’);});
The application certainly looks good on paper, with many new tools for working with HD media, as well as many templates, video effects and monitors and recording tools. There are three different programs in the array that meet different requirements and skill levels, as well as Movie Wizard and DV for DVD Wizard. However, the main point, Video Editor, is where all the action takes place.
The software certainly has great editing and impact features, plus an extended panel for displaying and editing photos (including long-term), easy frame lock options, a large preview window, header templates and possible text, tracks a number of soundtracks to allow audio storytelling and music ratings (as well as balance to make sure your levels are not off), and built-in audio markers that match your movie time. The user’s approach doesn’t do too bad in making all of these features easy to use, but it will take time for most filmmakers to understand the basics.

Hiccups and wedges
There is no doubt that with a little practice you can create great creativity with this kit, but you are guaranteed to find several obstacles along the way. The main problem with VideoStudy has been a problem in your system memory and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be resolved properly in this version. Loading time is very slow and, other than using a NASA computer, browsing complex transitions can be a daunting experience, with parts and sounds often flying and falling behind.
Other scandals include the fact that you can’t move fast and go back through a preview scanner, and the pull device on the timeline is not close enough to power. Ironically, since it supports the new HD format, Ulead also seems to ignore Blu-Ray support. Another thing worth noting is that many Soviet users rated the technical support as very low, with many people saying that their questions were not always answered. Come on, Ulead, if you are planning to bring in a plan that sometimes fails, at least give a little customer support to get things right.
Make videos on a budget
Despite its drawbacks, VideoStudio has enough features to allow you to create modern videos and is easy to use once you know the interface. However, if you’re looking for reliability, then you’re probably looking for the best in one of the other budget editing applications, such as Adobe Premiere Elements or PowerDirector.

Corel VideoStudio Pro

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Any VideoAudio Converter 64 Bit download free torrent

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With such a growing amount of media equipment, no fantastic design is so popular today! Each audio / video converter is one of these modifiers: a simple, easy-to-use program that supports almost every format you find today and allows you to convert audio and video files to just a few services (function () {(‘preview-) ). -data-desktop ‘);}); The program works with a list where you add files that you want to edit, regardless of type. Then you configure individual conversion options and finally press the “Change” button so that the application can rest. I think this method is practical and saves a lot of work and time. Too bad the trial version only accepts one file in this list! Every Audio / Video Converter has a built-in player, but it is only good to watch the video conversion and not watch it before any Audio / Video Converter you can basically edit the audio and video file that you can edit, in a very simple process that is very inclusive Video / Audio Converter, supports the following formats AVI, MPG, MPEG, VOB, WMV, MP4, M4V, ASF, MOV, QT, 3GP, DAT, OGM, RM, RMVB, FLV, MKV, WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, M4A, MPC, WV, AMR, AC3, AU, CDA AVI, MPEG, MOV, WMV, MP4, RM, iPod, PSP, iPhone, Zune, BlackBerry, Apple TV, 3GP, FLV, SWF, WAV, MP3, WMA, M4

Free PDF to Converter is all a free program designed to help users convert their existing PDF files to other, more accessible forms. Especially for PDF files that cannot be edited, free PDF to Converter gives users access to the content in whatever format they choose after conversion. Whether it is Word, Excel, HTML, JPG, TIFF or more, choosing the file type that works best for your PDF file type is a useful and popular file type with many uses, but not always the best choice in the environment. For example, for users who want better access to text editing, the Word document is more accessible. With a free PDF to converter All you do not have to live with your existing PDF file and instead create a file of your choice. It is not necessary to be concerned about preserving the structure or content, because change keeps everything straight and consistent. Above all, you can do batch conversion with as many PDF files as you (function () {(‘preview-app-page-desktop’);}); Fast change conversion takes place at a rate of about 500 pages per minute, which means you have your new files in no time, add files to the queue and click start. There is no need to use Adobe Acrobat, so no third-party software needs to be downloaded or installed, which can slow down your system. You don’t even need an internet connection.

Any VideoAudio Converter

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Krita Desktop FastDL torrent

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One of the most frustrating things for an artist or graphic designer or even for an amateur who wants to play around with some art is the basic planning stage. Adobe and other major software developers have entered the industry, so many artists will need their own apparel software at some point, creating exciting jobs. However, this is not entirely due to applications like Krita Desktop, which provides free access to powerful color software for everyone.

Redeem (function () {(‘view-application-page-desktop’);});

Krita Desktop was developed by a team dedicated to providing free tools for a variety of tasks. With a lot of dedicated work and paid work and donations, they have provided things like Krita, which is a clear image of the image. The potential of this free software cannot be underestimated, as it can do much that pays opponents to do more. Clear options are available such as soft drawing, brush size, pallets and crop / copy, and development features as layers. One of Kritas’s additional tools is the brush stability option, which provides three seamless modes directly outside your line while gaining maximum support for many contractors. There are many styles that may be brush or motorcycle brush. Most importantly, you can order brush packages and text created by other artists to embrace open source, collaborative nature of the program. Providing straight lines with support for ellipses, quick thinking, vectors, lifting and more made this program powerful.

Strong and still growing

Krita Desktop offers many of the same services as its main competitors. For example, you can turn the panel on and off by moving it to a better working environment. A sleek, easy-to-use interface, with minimalist techniques similar to magazines like Adobe Photoshop. A little touch, like letting you shortcut your favorite tool, shows that a lot of thinking goes into this by people who use this type of software regularly. This is further proven by the pop-up window that appears with the right mouse button is a great way to give you quick access to the tools and colors you need most. You will be amazed at the level of detail and quality in this application, since it’s free. In the spirit of open source software, it also accompanies core product file extensions. Installation is very easy by downloading 64 or 32-bit packages. Old versions are also available if the development process causes problems.

The art program is a great release

Krita Desktop is a great alternative to standard color packages. While some features may be missing or difficult to understand, they are very close to the software you use. It has a lot of powerful features here and it works so well for struggling artists. You can choose to pay for project contributions, but they cannot be downloaded and used.

Krita Desktop

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Adobe InDesign CC x64-x86 torrent

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Adobe InDesign offers you a professional publishing tool and complete desktop environment for each page (function () {(‘review-page-application-page-desktop’);});
With Adobe InDesign, you can create any type of document, from simple flyers to complete eBooks, as well as stickers, brochures, presentations, certificates, newsletters and more. It also lets you add interactivity to your creations by inserting videos and audios, then export the result to Flash (SVF) or interactive PDF.
The latest version of Adobe InDesign includes important new features that improve your workflow and increase your productivity. For example, simplified item selection makes it easier to control the items in your document. The perfect integration of Adobe InDesign with Adobe CS Review also helps you share your work and get feedback from colleagues and customers in a very easy way.
Steep learning curve
As with other Adobe applications, the learning curve in Adobe InDesign is quite steep, but the results are well worth the effort. The program has been carefully documented, as long as you are willing to learn, you will get the most out of Adobe InDesign in a relatively short time, especially if you are used to other Adobe applications that use Adobe InDesign with the same pro interface design
Adobe InDesign lets you design professional and digital prints.

– Drag and drop columns and rows in tables.

– fixed layout for EPUB.

– Seamless update.

– Color pattern maps.

– enhanced effects.


– Drag and drop columns and rows in tables.

– fixed layout for EPUB.

– Seamless update.

– Color pattern maps.

– enhanced effects.

Adobe InDesign CC

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