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If you have an old Windows XP computer sitting in a closet you might still want to use it every now and then. Windows XP has been phased out over recent years but that doesn’t stop it from maintaining a small slice of the market share. And there’s a lot of software to prop up this aging operating system to make it good-looking and functional. Chrome XP is one small example!Almost ModernChrome XP puts a modern glaze over an old operating system. Though it can’t do everything it makes some surprisingly ample changes. Some such as adding new icons and colours to both the OS itself and to other software like Windows Explorer are quite welcome. Others such as making the Start Menu’s clickable area smaller may not suit everyone. But overall it’s a good conversion of the normal (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Picking and ChoosingChrome XP does have a few small blemishes. There’s a small bit of wasted space to the right of the clock and a few other small things you may not be able to ignore once you notice them. But if you get used to them and find the Start Menu icon to fit well enough with your preferences as described above then using Chrome XP can make your aging XP machine look like a little more recent a little more modern. And certainly that’s not a bad thing to do.


Chrome XP

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