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Citrix Receiver is a software application that lets you access virtual Windows applications and desktops, provided your company uses Citrix Desktop AccessCitrix Receiver presents users with the Windows desktop environment of their office virtually on any platform, including PC, Mac, Unix, and Linux. The access offered is also seamless and smooth. For instance, you may swipe, drag or pinch the screen and access anything on the desktop easily. Everything functions as expected. For example, when running the Word application on your iPad, you can use touch gestures like two-finger zoom, three-finger tap to adjust the view automatically. And after you flip the screen, the program would also automatically resize (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Pick and ChooseOnce you are connected to the server, you can select the apps you want to support. You may pick Excel, Word, Internet Explorer and Adobe Acrobat and also some drawing applications. The mobile app version works similar to the desktop version of Citrix Receiver. In fact, it also incorporates the advantageous traits of the platform its running on.

Citrix Receiver

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