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With digital video cameras and video editing software, you don’t have to be Roman Romans these days to make your own movies. Uleads Video Video Studio has been at the forefront of the budget video software market for a while now, and these latest versions promise more assurance for hard users who want to make music videos, add their own home movies, or create memories over their lives.

Slow cuttings and stars (function () {(‘preview-page-page-desktop’);});
The application certainly looks good on paper, with many new tools for working with HD media, as well as many templates, video effects and monitors and recording tools. There are three different programs in the array that meet different requirements and skill levels, as well as Movie Wizard and DV for DVD Wizard. However, the main point, Video Editor, is where all the action takes place.
The software certainly has great editing and impact features, plus an extended panel for displaying and editing photos (including long-term), easy frame lock options, a large preview window, header templates and possible text, tracks a number of soundtracks to allow audio storytelling and music ratings (as well as balance to make sure your levels are not off), and built-in audio markers that match your movie time. The user’s approach doesn’t do too bad in making all of these features easy to use, but it will take time for most filmmakers to understand the basics.

Hiccups and wedges
There is no doubt that with a little practice you can create great creativity with this kit, but you are guaranteed to find several obstacles along the way. The main problem with VideoStudy has been a problem in your system memory and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be resolved properly in this version. Loading time is very slow and, other than using a NASA computer, browsing complex transitions can be a daunting experience, with parts and sounds often flying and falling behind.
Other scandals include the fact that you can’t move fast and go back through a preview scanner, and the pull device on the timeline is not close enough to power. Ironically, since it supports the new HD format, Ulead also seems to ignore Blu-Ray support. Another thing worth noting is that many Soviet users rated the technical support as very low, with many people saying that their questions were not always answered. Come on, Ulead, if you are planning to bring in a plan that sometimes fails, at least give a little customer support to get things right.
Make videos on a budget
Despite its drawbacks, VideoStudio has enough features to allow you to create modern videos and is easy to use once you know the interface. However, if you’re looking for reliability, then you’re probably looking for the best in one of the other budget editing applications, such as Adobe Premiere Elements or PowerDirector.

Corel VideoStudio Pro

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