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CrystalDiskInfo is a hard disk health inspection service. If you need to be assured of the health status of your hard drive, go to CrystalDiskInfo and see if your computer is upgrading. You can also download CrystalDiskInfo Portable if you don’t want to include it in all your basic HDD information displays, S. M. A. R.T monitors, and disk temperatures.

You don’t need to do anything other than run CrystalDiskInfo to have health reports, temperatures, error rates, cycle times and many other information that may be important to know, especially with technology (function () {) -program-desktop-page ‘);}); Even if you’re not technologically advanced, you can still enjoy seeing it written in a light blue box that your hard disk status is good for. Unfortunately, there is no interaction with CrystalDiskInfo, it’s just a data window and you can’t do much to show graphs, but it seems easy to understand, although data provided by CrystalDiskInfo can be difficult to understand for non-tech users, it has a technical part of your hard drive and it easily knows if everything is right. If you are looking for alternatives, we recommend downloading HD Tune or National Sound to Opus

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