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Dell Mobile Connect is software and toolkit created by Screenovate Technologies. This software enables the integration of mobile devices with Dell computers. Available with a wide range of mobile tools to take advantage of mobile devices.

Dell Mobile Connect’s Full Mobile Productivity is designed for maximum use of mobile devices. Users can find this software on Dell models like G Series, Inspiron, Bluetooth Vostro PC and XPS. These models keep the software running smoothly. Instead, it’s good for both Android and iPhone. Users must ensure that their mobile device is running Android 6 or higher, as well as iOS 10 or higher. After connecting the mobile device to the software installed on the computer, users will have access to the basic functionality of their mobile device. This software uses a wireless connection to the selected mobile device. The integration between the two platforms is advanced and complete. Users have access to some of the content and features of their mobile devices. This software lets you control your mobile device using your computer’s mouse and keyboard. It also works with touch screens, where available. This software can make or receive calls from your mobile device. Users can respond with a headset connected to a computer. They can enter text messages using their computer keyboard. Any updates or notifications will be requested from the software. Each mobile device’s contacts can be verified on the computer. The main feature of this software is the mirror. Shows everything from your mobile device. Ideal for sharing better mobile content or viewing on a larger screen. It can also increase user interest in mobile applications. File transfer is available. Users can transfer media files between computers and mobile backup devices. It includes a useful drag-and-drop function to help users navigate multiple groups or groups (function () {(‘application-page-view-desktop-application’);}); The larger and more productive Dell Mobile Connect is designed for mobile users who want to increase their productivity. Maximize mobile device capabilities in general. They can receive or make calls, reply or send text messages, transfer files, receive larger screens, and access mobile applications on a computer.

Dell Mobile Connect

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