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Free software to test the performance of the DNS server for your ISP DNS stands for Domain Name Server and these servers, for example, translate domain names to the numeric addresses on which the Internet is based. You can’t do much on the Internet without a DNS server, but how do you know if the ones provided by your ISP are suitable for the job? The free DNS reference software offers a solution that seems a bit detailed for inexperienced and effective DNS testing. DNS benchmark is a freeware program that performs extensive testing on your DNS service provider’s (or other DNS servers) DNS servers. , This can help you identify poor performance that significantly slows down your overall internet experience. You can test multiple DNS servers both locally and remotely and export the results in different formats. Not only does DNS Benchmark generate detailed information for experts, it also provides a “Conclusions” tab with higher-level information to speed up the web experience. A poorly functioning DNS server slows down almost every action you take online. GRC’s DNS benchmark allows you to measure the speed of your ISP’s servers in a simple but accurate way, so you can choose the fastest and improve your browsing speed.

A Professional Tool to Diagnose Computer Problems As a free tool, AS SSD Benchmark determines the performance of solid-state devices in a computer or smart device. The tool contains no less than six separate synthetic tests and three copy tests. This shows how well your solid state device works or not, and allows you to take any action that may be needed.

An overview of AS SSD (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);});

The synthetic tests in the software determine both sequential and read / write performance for all solid-state devices that they recognize. It is important that these tests be performed without using the cache in the operating system so that a true image is visible. For example, in “Seq Test” the software measures how long it takes to write a file of exactly 1 GB size and then read it. Again, the ‘4K test’ measures read and write performance when randomly selected 4-kilobytes memory blocks are selected. Another test measures how 4 KB of data is read and written, but when the operations are distributed over 64 threads. These tests should, among other things, represent the built-in command line (NCQ) for a solid-state unit, e.g. B. the differences between IDE mode (NCQ not supported) and operation in AHCI mode.

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AS SSD Benchmark is technical software that is useful for hardware personnel and that essentially generates an evaluation. In this way, you can turn many processes and tests into something that is easier to understand to compare one unit to another. At the end of the test series, three read and write performance values ​​are output for the solid-state drive to be measured. The results of the compression tests are sent out in a graphical format that facilitates recording. For example, the x-axis in the diagrams indicates the compressibility of data, which facilitates reading. In the copy test, which is reached via the copy step in the tool menu, a number of test result folders are created. The computer cache is still enabled for this test to get a real read. Multiple test runs should show the unit’s performance as you read and writesimultaneously under a number of conditions. Another good test is compression, which shows the performance of a solid-state device depending on the compressibility of the specified data. One noticeable disadvantage is that the user interface is only in German, which can discourage some users. Yet it is quite easy to master all the different functions without being an experienced linguist, and the different screens are arranged in a reasonable way that allows you to find out exactly what is happening.


This is a technical tool that is really only useful for computer engineers trying to diagnose computer problems. For example, it helps to find out if a solid-state drive is responsible for slow operation or if the problem is with another component on a PC.

DNS Benchmark

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