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Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) returns with a bright new name and many interesting features. eFootball PES 2020 is the nineteenth edition of the PES franchise which promises to continue its commitment to this series to provide a close and realistic football experience. If you are a big fan of this sport, you are lucky.

The new and improved GameplaieFootball PES 2020 has undergone a change in name for the popularity of eSports. However, these are not all changes that you will see. Although it is still the full title that football fans hope for in this series, some improvements have been added to the game that promises better; (function () {(‘review-application-page-desktop’);}); This year’s edition is a fully updated version of the Master League, a way to complete the franchise team’s career. A new interactive dialogue system, a revised menu design and a more realistic transfer market will follow. All this is done through increased data; There are also many changes to the game. On the one hand, dribbling and passing will be smoothed with new dynamics. The game also features new touch techniques and new ball physics. All of these improvements were developed in close consultation with famous midfielder Andrs; In addition, defenders will find new ways to chase the attacker, such as an additional sliding handle animation. They will also have more ways to aim the ball. They even have the choice to commit an offense if that’s all they have to do to stop the attacker. However, only in real life soccer matches do you prepare a yellow or red card when you decide to do one; Fans will also be happy that eFootball PES 2020 has added Iniesti not only as a consultant but also as a playful character in the Mi Club bonus. What’s more, you will get Lionel Messi on the cover. Standard soccer legends are added in standards and legends; Better game animation While eFootball PES 2020 has new and better playing capabilities, fans cannot ignore the redesigned menu system. Konami has updated the entire menu system to make it more modern and easier to navigate. For PES fans for a long time, this improvement is very welcome, because they know how tiring and complicated the latest food menus are; The game now also comes with an improved lighting engine that makes the stadium, fans and players more realistic. With the new design, physical attributes such as tattoos, hair movements and more body animation which also allows players to attack defenders. Not only that, the grass on the field may look longer or shorter, depending on the stadium where you are playing. New cameras are also added to provide a better sense of transmission; There is also a new game mode in the eFootball PES 2020 game application that will delight fans. This mode is called Matchdai, which will connect the game to the professional league calendar. This will also allow you to play your favorite games during contests and other important games. For example, if you play with FC Barcelona and IF you win, points will be added to the net total online by club supporters. The goal in Matchdai is to win as much as possible and helpyour team wins in it; New Beginnings In general, PES 2020 eFootball looks like a new start for a franchise. Better animation and playback, in addition to additional modes, offer fans a better experience than previous deliveries. And by combining world-famous soccer players, this game can give you experience;

EFootball PES 2020

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