EssentialPIM Pro Bussiness 8 Windows XP/7/8 download

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EssentialPIM Pro is an advanced version of personal data management. Provides all schedules, contacts, lists and notes, intuitive, easy-to-use tools. The Pro version is very different from EssentialPIM Free and takes the functionality to a whole different level. When you first start EssentialPIM Pro, it creates a database of test tasks and contacts. EssentialPIM Pro can store links to any file or file in the database itself. Each item, whether a task, note, meeting, or contact, can store the files associated with that item. With EssentialPIM Pro you can print all your data in an easy-to-read format. All data can be printed one at a time, or you can select multiple entries using the CTRL + mouse (for contacts and notes), or all entries can be printed. Rotate the page by using Page Setup on the printer preview page, or press Alt + U to change the orientation of the page.


Multiplayer database access

Saving and / or linking attachments

The default characters do the work

Advanced backup

Custom tasks or event categories

Hierarchical to-do lists

contact groups

multicolor printing

Email all items

Synchronize with Windows Mobile or Palm devices

sync Outlook

Google Sync

EssentialPIM Pro Bussiness 8

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