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If you want to travel on Europe’s roads without use of a career as a truck driver, the best way to do this is with a good truck driving game Likeeuro Truck Simulator. American Truck Simulator 64
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Select your country of departure, and you’re on your way.

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Europe’s roads

Behind the steering wheel of your truck, your missions essentially consists of making deliveries from one City to the other in exchange for;
If you make money, you will be able to buy Adealer tovisit trucks that newer, more powerful, faster, and with greater battery life.

Decent graphics

Euro Truck Simulator provides decentgraphics (no more, no less), and good music and sound effects. Animation, however, is prettyslow, a little like the overall tempo of the game.

Annoying replay

The big problem with this simulation is that it gets repetitive quickly. It is perhaps to simulate the monotonous hum of diesel and warn of the dangers of the wheel to sleep?
What illegal goods transport, of police hunting, or riding against the flow of traffic on the highway was pretty awesome (just saying).

OorspronklikePrettige game

Original and good-quality graphics/sound effects, Euro Truck simulator doesn’t really offer anything differernt by Othercar games or motorbikeraces. Eat moderately tarat with miles (legal) rate, but is guaranteed routeto boredom.

Euro Truck Simulator 2-go to the East! The first is the most famous extensionto truck driver in the world;
If you want to Rubberat 150mph fire or crash into things with your car, then Euro truck Simulator 2-Go East! It is not for you. If, however, such as a realistic simulation where you have with the limits of speed and rules of rest time, you will meet with the new Euro Truck simulator love! (Function () (“overview-application-page-desktop”);});
Between the A41 and N84

Euro Truck Simulator 2-go to the East! is primarily for lovers of realistic games, and Asthose, which saizčerpvane all theoptions in the original game. Notadat those who have not yet bought Euro truck Simulator 2-go to the East! Can Gold Edition, which includes the original game and go to the East! Extension. What saved with this DLC? A map of Europe that revolves around the Eastern Ward, as its name suggests. KaarteVir games Toeastern you see expanded Europeto on roads Ofhungary, Poland and the Czech Republic, Butyoull must be a good ten hours with game Euro Truck Simulator 2 browse through everything!
A content-orientedextension

While fans will definitely be the new content provided by Euro Truck Simulator 2-go to the East appreciate!, it’s a pity that developers some aspects of the game may fix. Regular seats be made to refinegameplay the game, but still waiting for new features for euro Truck Simulator 2-go to the East!: the sequence is the same, and while developers think made a few improvements to the Physics engine, not much Change in comparison with the original version.

New, comprehensive environmental andlandscapes

It reported software graphics engine touched on Euro truck Simulator 2-go to the East, but the addition of new areas is clearly reflected in the graphics. The developers did a good job giving us new cities and different landscapes to traverse, it was just so wonderful drive through the sunflower fields to duringsunrise in Hungary, though it was a row from the Slovak industrial; Make
A must for the fans, goeieIntrofor newcomers

Euro Truck Simulator 2-go to the East! Another revolution of the formula of the series, but the new content is of high quality. Those who have stopped counting the hours they spendplaying Euro truck Simulator will be pleasure with the new extension, and Newcomersshould takes this opportunity to try out the free way!


Euro Truck Simulator

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