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If you want to travel to Europe without a career as a truck driver, the best way to do this is with a good truck driver like Euro Truck. Choose your country of departure and you during your trip.

() () {(review application desktop page);) European travel tips Behind the wheel of your truck, your mission is essentially to deliver in exchange from city to city; You can check if you are buying trucks that are newer, stronger, faster and with a longer battery life. A solid graphics card Euro Truck Simulator offers decent photography (no more, no less) and sound. But the animation is pretty weak, a bit like the general speed of the game.

Pausing repetition A major problem with this simulationis to repeat it quickly. Perhaps this is to simulate the monotonous sound of diesel fuel and be warned about the danger of falling asleep at the wheel? The shipment of illegal goods, police prosecution or driving against motorway traffic will be extraordinary (say). Originally and with good picture / sound quality, Euro Truck Simulator does not really offer anything other than other car games or motorcycles. Eating food is a moderate step (law), but routine boredom is guaranteed.

despite the euroTruck Simulator 2 is fantastic, but the success still surprises players who have not experienced the excitement of an open highway. But while sailing on motorways and European motorways has their appearanceand you feel like a real truck driver, you have to hit the United States. This is what SCS Software is here to give you the latest American Truck Simulator title.

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It will be very difficult to find the difference between American Truck Simulator and its predecessors in Europe. This game does not actually change: start as a freelance driver, get money, buy your own truck and build your own ship.

But here, perhaps more franchises, the changes in the institutions are sufficient. There is romance for a beach tour to the American coast, listening to country music in the streaming internet radio. So, although the successful models of physics and driving remained unchangedinteresting idea of ​​the truck Route 66 is strange.

Or at least, because now American Truck Simulator gives you only two of the fifty United States: California and Nevada. Of course, these two countries form a vast country and can take hours to move from one end to the other – even in a world that entertains the world. Unfortunately, this prevents you from starting more emblematic trips.

This is in the beginning and SCS Software plans to release more countries as downloadable content – which in one way or another explains the cost of the American Truck Simulator budget. In addition, there must be many mods in the community.

Complexity is explained

The world looks great, because the game can be natural driving aroundenvironment, scattered suburbs, and cities in everyone look and differ. Driving along the beautiful streets of Las Vegas, the neon surrounds you and the streets are full. This is different from the sand that is covered by Bakersfield, where you have time to think about the huge open space around you.

Although the traffic seems less impressive, trucks, especially their interior, are well modeled. It gives you a feeling of grounding, because they regularly look around in taxis to get a better view of the mirror and other feedbacks.

Whether you decide to control the steering wheel, keyboard or wheel action, the American Truck Simulator takes you through a magician to make sure you’re done before youleaves. My advice, stay on the original automatic options. You have enough things to do to learn how to handle trailers, GPS and other options.

Buy a new truck and build a transport company via a direct menu and explain it with an extensive lesson. This adds depth and focuses on action as you develop the empire and manage its finances. This is not a must, so if you want to stay in the life of your freelancer, you should gain experience in freight transport at a greater distance and enjoy a strange reassuring driving experience – that’s possible.

In the long term

The American lorry simulator continues with a fine line and delivers fantastic budget prices. For newcomers to the transport genreit should be noted that the final release of Euro Truck Simulator 2 with all its DLC in a direct comparison is a much bigger game. But apart from the size, the new correspondent is a number of miracles – especially if you have country music on your speakers.

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