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Far Cri is a first person shooter with many reconnaissance elements in the open world. As a Special Forces veteran, Jack Carver, you are alone on a tropical island looking for the missing reporter. To resist you, the detachment is mercenaries, as are other, more exotic adversaries. You will need to explore the island, remove the bad guys and get started. Welcome to the Far Cri Jury, a pioneering combination of the open world of intelligence and the first shooter action; it was a crucial success and created a series of sequels. This concept is not as innovative as it is today, when the game was first released in 2004 – because success gives birth to imitators – but the game is still tense and exciting. Even compared to modern games, parts of them are well polished, such as a truly sophisticated AI opponent. If you’ve played other first person shooters, you won’t find much of the usual controls here, though gameplay focuses a little more on stealth and tactical thinking than on high firepower – Jack Carver is certainly tough, but indestructible. Although dated by modern standards, the graphics are still attractive. (function () {(‘review-page-page-desktop’);}); Take a look at the classic Far Cri – it’s not the most cutting edge visual tech extravaganza ever has been, but the game is still engaging enough for us to come back or embark on it for the first time. More about Far Creek

Far Cry

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