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For fans of simulator games, the Farming Simulator franchise will be a common name. Farming Simulator 19 is the latest version of the series, and you definitely like the game, and the name really speaks for this case. The Farming Simulator has long been known as the best place to realize your dreams of farming. With hundreds of licensed brands and simulations in practice, Farming Simulator reaches 19 new heights in simulation what life can look like (function () {(‘Review Application Page Desktop’);}); should I get it? There are games like this, it always depends on the personal taste.

If you are not interested in the world of agriculture, this is probably not the game for you. However, if you are interested in this world, the level of detail and complexity that results from developing this game is simply amazing. Every big brand is represented and every activity imaginable on a farm is here. If you love the idea of ​​working the field in your own virtual peasant life, this is the game for you.

With the Farm Simulator 17, the user can play the role of a modern farmer. In this wide, open world you can immerse yourself in a variety of new content. This includes new animals, crops, vehicles, environments and games. There are acres of beautiful land available, including a new environment in North America. 250 original agricultural vehicles are available. More than 75 manufacturers are selected, including Fendt, Massey, Valtra and Ferguson. The harvest is realistic and contains new additives such as soybeans and sunflowers. If you love cattle, you can deliver sheep, cows, chickens and pigs. For tree lovers there is a forestry function. Marketplaces are available to market their products, including complex logistics functions such as trains, trucks and trailers that allow you to load, drive and deliver goods (function () {(‘Review-Application-Page-Desktop’);}) ; A comprehensive first-rate breeding simulator provides a true online experience. Up to 16 players can collaborate on gigantic projects. The burning virtual farming community has developed fashionable devices to absorb the ever-evolving mass of content and agricultural experiences.

Farming Simulator 19

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