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If you’re tired of waiting for Explorer to finish copying files for a long time, try this quick copy alternative. FastCopy is an advanced file management tool that allows you to copy and transfer files faster than in Windows Explorer. Users who are often late and trying to transfer large files can take advantage of this;

File transfer speed As the name of the program shows, FastCopy promises to provide a stable and fast file transfer that will defeat all other managers. In fact, some users have checked their speed and confirmed that this program copies files twice as fast as the basic copy and paste feature of Windows. In addition to copying flash files, this program also provides the user with a description of the transfer, including MB count, file transfer time, total number of files, and the speed at which files are saved ; (function () {(‘application-page-desktop-overview’);}); Additionally, FastCopy also automatically ignores problem files. It copied all selected files and ignored locked or damaged files without operator intervention. All non-copied files will be logged; It is also worth noting that there is no significant leap in resource use. Your RAM will run low during file transfer. FastCopy offers a custom program that lets you decide how much memory this software has for clipboard buffers. This program allows you to adjust the copy speed, see your actions, enable and disable filters. Additionally, you can decide how to copy the errors and whether the program should delete all the transferred files. In addition, it supports long Unicode files; Navigating Software Like other copy programs, such as SSuite Copy Master, FastCopy has a shell extension that allows you to use it in Explorer. However, the program does not enable it by default, so you must install it in the Windows shell to enable it. But when done, you can start by right-clicking on the program. Just select the files you want to copy, launch the FastCopy interface, select the destination folder and click Run. From there, the program copies, but if copied quickly, it’s not easy to navigate the program, especially for beginners. It has a very basic interface that is almost a step removed from the binary code. There are many confusing configurations, including the ACL and AltStream checkboxes. Sometimes the documentation can also be very difficult to understand as it is a machine translation of the original file. And while there is a help option, most are full of jargon that new users will not be there immediately; Our traditional review computers will probably not see much need for this program as there is a basic CTRL + C macro that would still work. However, copying and transferring large files consistently saves FastCopy the harmful and harmful work of your computer. Once you have mastered all its key features, this program will reduce copy time. This software may be your solution for copying files;


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