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Electronic Arts is pushing FIFA 15 to get closer to reality. To achieve this, EA has added many improvements affecting the gameplay.

The new emotional engine allows players to more realistically respond to results on the field, whether they pass or fail. Containing over 600 animations covering the range of emotions that can be seen while playing live, including anger and protests, FIFA 15 wants you to believe you are playing a real game.
Artificial intelligence has also been improved, because CPU teammates respond better to game situations and opponents react tactically on the pitch.

FIFA 15 includes training tools and the ability to change tactics, and strategies are simplified to facilitate use. A new feature is the ability to give each player a custom tactic. Example: giving a midfielder freedom on the pitch while putting pressure on an opponent carrying the ball.

During matches two new balance modes are available: one for sprinting and the other for a clean offensive strategy (best to use if you lose). Modes can be used during games and added to the existing five: ultra-defense, defense, balanced, attack and ultra-attack.
The Ultimate team also offers interesting new features. You can create conceptual jumps, rent players and play in Friendli’s seasonal mode, and compete with your friends in Ultimate Team mode in 1-on-1 games.
You can follow your team’s news and results with the new Match Dai Live center.
In short, FIFA 15 has become a place to play and track virtual and real football.

Improved gameplay

The ball dribbling is more precise and now you have better control over the ball trajectory.
Thanks to the improved physics, the ball control looks more smooth and realistic.
One-on-one defense is more intense and more strategy is needed to take the ball. If he wins, you can try blocking the run, but the fouls can add up quickly.
Goalkeepers also have new artificial intelligence, so they can react more realistically to shots on the goal. This, combined with additional animation, makes watching shots on the target even more exciting.

Finally, there are some good news for those who like to play in single player mode: the game will test your AI skill and calibrate the difficulty level based on your skills. However, the difficulty always varies depending on the settings.

Enjoy the visual effects

The new graphics engine adds the much-needed updates to FIFA 14.
The pitch gets worse as the match progresses, and player models show grass and dirt as a last-minute approach.
Viewers are more involved, adding that a layer of realism is needed. There are also new sound effects such as hitting the ball into a pole.
In addition to commercials, FIFA 15 now offers cameramen and non-ball guys. In-game scenes with penalty settings are great, and repetitive games eventually match the quality you’ll see when watching a real game.

Exciting and almost perfect

FIFA 15 shows all the most innovative achievements in the FIFA series.

The new ball physics is oneof the best features of FIFA 15, adding a new layer of finesse to the game’s strategy. The new engine, which improves graphics and animations, is impressive and increases the realism of the game.

The stadiums have been resolved definitely, with attention to detail that has never been seen before in any football match. In the field, the reaction speed is surprising compared to that of FIFA 14. The feeling that you can do what you really want is unparalleled.
Ultimate Team upgrades provide greater depth in this game mode, and you can even manage your Ultimate Team on your mobile device with the official EA SPORTS FIFA 15 Companion app, available on Android and iPhone.
Ultimately, FIFA 15 is the best football game we’ve seen so far. The big leap in quality over the previous version is remarkable, both graphically and per game. Undoubtedly, this is a must for every fan.
As one of the most popular EA series, FIFA 15 is heading towards gameplay that hopes to make it the best football simulator on the market.

FIFA 15 has a new engine, improved animations and better ball control physics, adding more tactics and strategies to use during intense matches, and an improved Ultimate Team.


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