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(function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });FortiClient is a free extension for Google Chrome that has been designed especially for corporate use. People who are connected to a corporate network will be able to use this software to scan various types of software and make sure that there are no viruses or other types of malware that could affect their computer as well as the machines of other people in the Goodbye to BugsAlthough FortiClient runs very quickly and smoothly, to get to most out of this software it is essential to be connected to the corporate network at all times. People who disconnect so that they can work remotely will either find that the available functions are limited or that they are unable to use the software at all. Anyone who is looking for a person antivirus system will probably find that they are better of searching elsewhere as the tool is a bit limited in this Sure You Use ProtectionAlthough FortiClient is only really intended for corporate use, the large number of functions that it offers within this scope and the fact that it is available to use free of charge make this a good tool to check out. Users of Google Chrome who are looking for a free and effective way to banish and eliminate viruses from their computer should make sure that they take FortiClient out for a spin.


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