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Fotor is simple, but easily used to use photo-processing pictures, which allows you to edit photos without your expert Photoshop.

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The imager process images quickly allow you to customize the exposure, brightness, contrast, white and saturation, sharpening/stain, add a scene or crop, fix, rotate, and more.

Scenes offer 13 different double-tap-step options that can improve photos that are recorded with bad lights or that need to be touched again. There is also a wide range of securities designed by professional photographers and designers. There are over 60 effects, including classical, LoMo, bw, art and scenes, plus over 30 different styles. Fotor includes an impressive effect shift that gives your images a deep depth that your pictures usually see only in the professional quality of the DSLR;

Surprisingly easy to use

Despite all these characteristics, Fotor is easy to use.
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Most effects and enhancements are performed by using the slider, and there is integration with the social media network to get the photos directly.

Excellent results

The end product used by Fotor provides you with pictures such as Photoshop without a graphic design expert.
Desktop Lighter download torrent Added interface that allows you to edit photos with pleasure.
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Fotor is an excellent choice for all those who want professional results without buying and learning how to use Photoshop

Photo! The editor, formerly known as a photo kit, is a basic review tool that allows you to improve and optimize digital pictures with several clicks of a mouse.

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Tools included in the photo! The editor is pretty simple. It says, it works on very small business tasks such as optimizing colors, red eye removal, or even depleting someone’s skin with mild, wrinkles and other mild shortcomings. Other tools include a re-create/crop utility, some really cool light effects, and a carriding tool that applies to the effect of fun moral pictures.

It is also possible to compare the edited picture with the original.

Legacy appearance and Features

Any editing option in the photo is inside! The editor is a direct help section on the sidebar that provides instructions on how each function works. This is a very useful tool, because very little editing photos will explain how any other option works.

The picture, though! The editor is easy to use with red eye repair tools, the color enhancement, even the creation of caricature, features still have very basic characteristics.

An interface is another area where the application is declining because the design is very dated, while free applications such as Piasa continue to evolve.


Photo! The editor is perfect for those who seek simple, easy, and light use of photoprocessing to create their own digital pictures.

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Fotor Photo Editor

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