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Free USB Disk Security is a small, free app that claims to keep your pendrives and USB disks safe and first looks, it’s a decent app. The interface is simple and clean, although we found it annoying that although the app creates a shortcut icon for you, you can’t actually access Free USB Disk Security with it – you need to click on the Free USB Disk Security icon in the notification area in the taskbar to see its options and open the main (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Free USB Disk Security claims to offer two main USB tools – a shield, to protect you from incoming threats, and a scan, to scan pendrives once they are inserted. From the main interface, you’ll also see an option to repair your system (which are just a selection of basic tools already provided by Windows). The home button provides an overview of the app’s theory, Free USB Disk Security is a great idea and an excellent free tool, but in reality it’s very, very difficult to tell if it’s doing anything useful. When we did scan, it was extremely quick – to the extent that we weren’t sure if it had even scanned. As for the monitoring, Free USB Disk Security claims the protection is real time, but when we inserted a USB stick, it didn’t even tell us it had registered the USB Disk Security looks good, but it’s so hard to tell if it’s doing anything useful, we’d prefer to rely on a standard antivirus program instead.

Free USB Disk Security

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