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Evaluation of Basic Converter Word to PDF Converter is a tool that allows you to convert Word documents to PDF. The version you are downloading is a 14-day trial; then you have to pay to use it. However, given the limited nature of the software, we do not believe that it can be converted to PDF (function () {(‘application-page-desktop-overview’);}); If you’ve ever thought about converting a Word document to PDF, you may have found a free Word to PDF converter. We did it, we protested, and we were not very impressed. Here’s what we found. Getting to Know the Free Word to PDF Converter It’s easy to download this Word to PDF converter. You are downloading the .exe file, installing the disk, and you can start using it right away. There are no problems with the installation process, you do not need to connect to anything, and you can start switching without spoiling what you are grateful for. This free PDF converter doesn’t look too much. It has a very standard Windows program, not too old, but it is also not clean and modern. It’s easy to see – it clearly indicates where you can add Word files or folders, in the middle there is a large section where the conversion occurs, and the customizable settings are at the bottom of the window. How can I convert from Word to PDF? Therefore, to convert your Word documents to PDF, add them with a button – you can’t drag and drop. After compiling Word documents, scroll to the original options at the bottom left and click the big green button. It couldn’t be easier. If you do not convert many Word documents at once, the process should be very fast and smooth. Setting up many documents can take a little longer, but not too long. The free Word to PDF converter has some additional settings that may be interesting. You can select the output folder (and choose to open it after completion or not) and choose to convertdocuments using a queue or a parallel system. We haven’t received any advice as to what is best, but we can assume that if you have a lot of documents, it can take a long time. However, we are not sure, so you can write your own tests. Who should convert Word to PDF? Free Word to PDF Converter does exactly what it offers, quickly and smoothly. It is easy to install, easy to use and produces good results. So why aren’t we impressed? Well, first of all, although it’s called Free Word To PDF Converter, it’s not. This is a 14-day trial of a paid product, and your savings – the ability to add a password to a converted PDF – are behind the paid wall. This means that Free Word To PDF Converter is essentially a paid application that does tasks that you can do for free elsewhere. Microsoft Word and Google Docs allow you to save both Word documents in PDF format. We believe that you may want your Word to PDF converter offline or have a collection of Word documents that you have not created and cannot edit; in this case, this program can be important. However, it is completely unnecessary for the rest of us, and our people do not want to spend this app. If you have a paid app to do the work you can do elsewhere for free, it’s not the worst sin you can imagine (beware of the buyer, huh?), But to mention it for free when it certainly doesn’t do well impression. Instead, it’s actually a 14-day free trial of the paid app. When 14 days expire – you will theoretically have to pay or stop using the program. You can do well if you only use it once, but it means that the program is not a free Word-to-PDF solution in the long run. Free Word to PDF Converter is not a bad program, it’s just a good idea – it works quite well, but no one needs a program to convert Word to PDF. If you create or edit a document in Word or WordGoogle Docs, select “PDF” to download or save it. As mentioned earlier, there may be a very small number of users who really need a separate Word to PDF converter and will work if necessary. Remember, it won’t take long.

Free Word to PDF Converter

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