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You never knew the real terror until you got the chance to play grandma. It is a scary adventure game that will make you explore your grandmother’s house. The catch is that your grandmother, who should be sweet and caring, is actually out of your blood! This horror game is like an extremely scary version of a hiding place where you have to escape from home before it catches you!

Don’t pay attention, the game’s mechanics are pretty simple. You find yourself trapped in your grandmother’s house and your main goal is of course to escape by exploring other rooms, solving puzzles and finding clues that allow you to unlock barricaded front doors. Grandma gives you five nights to go, so be sure to count every night! The night ends when your grandmother catches you and you wake up again in the same room where you first started. To give you an idea, the game begins with waking up alone in a room where you can learn about controls and movements before finally heading outside to explore the rest of your grandmother’s house. Warning! This room does not protect you from the crowd! Eventually you have to go out and go to other rooms, even with the constant threat of being killed. Don’t worry because you’re not completely vulnerable after leaving. There are many places you can hide for grandma like bending under tables and getting into empty cupboards. Trying to keep quiet while sneaking helps a lot to prevent grandma from discovering. For the old lady, her grandmother’s hearing is very good and she hears your footsteps, the sound of closing the door and turning things around; (function () {(‘review-application-side-desktop’);}); Horror factorGranni is played primarily, which makes the whole game more scary and personal. Throughout the game, you will always rush to find a new hiding place, especially when you hear Grandma’s voice. It will not be easy because the house is a maze and it is very easy to get lost in it, not to mention how dark some rooms can be. The place is overall scary with its ancient look and sparkle boards, which is usually why Grandma manages to quickly determine your location. That being said, you should know that if you manage to hide and your grandmother does not notice her, she leaves a bear trap! If you ever get stuck, don’t panic and just follow the game instructions for removing it, but fast! The unexpected scariGranni may not have the same advanced 3D graphics of other horror games as Amnesia and Silent Hill, but it really is. There are also different game modes that offer different levels of difficulty and horror. This is a surprisingly scary but fun game! The house is large and interesting enough that you can continue exploring even if Grannis is yours;


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