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HitFilm Express is a free video editing program that lets you create original video content thats got some seriously professional look to it. With this app, you dont have to pay the big bucks to make cool CGI effects or do awesome transitions of video shots. HitFilm Express allows you the vast expanse of creative possibilities with its numerous tools, so theres no need to be shy around it at all.

Take a VidThere are tons of video editors out there that can give you whatever tool you need the most. Some are fully free, but will only offer the most basic of editing features that a casual user may need from time to time. Some, on the other hand, have price tags and are usually made for professional video editors who need high-tech software to keep up with their grand designs. There are a few out there who try to be both free and jam-packed with cool tools. Some of which tend to fall flat most of the time. Whatever the case, though, video editing programs can be found everywhere, and its pretty hard to miss HitFilm Express enthusiasm in sharing its (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Spared no ExpenseHitFilm Express prides itself on being a video editing software thats both free and full of goodies for its users, whether they be amateurs or veterans. With this app, you get full 2D and 3D compositing to play with and over 400 effects and presets for your videos. You can also get unlimited tracks and transitions to go with your scenes and even free video tutorials and projects you can start with. Make no mistake, though, HitFilm Express is more of a filmmakers program, rather than just some simple editor. Youll find a lot of features that may be too advanced for you, and you might think HitFilm Express may not be the right program for you. However, this software has tons of helpful tutorials designed to ease in beginners to this world of filmmaking, so theres no need to worry about complicated features.

A MiracleIts amazing to think that an app like this can offer so much and still be free to use. HitFilm Express doesnt restrict you as much compared to other apps that are freemium programs. You get to go wild with this multimedia app, so this is a highly recommended program to try if youre feeling inspired for a little movie of your own. You only need an account on its website to get it for free.

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