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Taking care of extraterrestrial and extraterrestrial fish is a cartoon puzzle game in InsaniquariumInsaniquarium centered around a brightly colored aquarium. Your tank contains a number of different fish that you will need to feed. Some fish are eaten by fish and others are eaten by hosts. But keeping fish food is not the only challenge: hostile aliens also appear in the tank and have to fight them. In addition to the standard adventure mode, the game also includes other game modes, including a virtual environment as a container. Feeding fish and fighting with monsters Insaniquarium presents colorful cartoon graphics and a simple and compelling puzzle game. The different game modes provide greater value when repeating: once you have completed Adventure mode, you can perform more demanding rehearsals or simply play in a virtual tank or in the hidden mode of free play. Unlike most puzzle games, it has a significant resource management component that will appeal to fans of strategy games. Fighting aliens and feeding fish are easy in terms of the necessary steps, but keeping track of the resources you need can be a challenge. (function () {(‘review-application-page-desktop’);}); Deep PuzzleInsaniquarium is an interesting mix of different game styles wrapped in fun images for children. The task doesn’t make much sense, but managing a fishbowl is a pleasant, and sometimes incredibly challenging, way to waste time.


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