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Map + Software is a free software service created by Akshat Kumar Singh that provides high-quality, easy-to-use mapping of local technology and common services, such as dedicated business and city locations, as well as driving. or direction of movement. on foot to get there. Users should note that this application is not official, valid Google Maps.

Over 100 million businesses in (function () {(‘app-view-desktop-desktop’);});
The Maps app uses the Google Maps API, which provides the complete Googles store access to over 100 million Google Places APIs and citizen listings. The app has an integrated location search result, which allows users to find business location and contact information, all located in a one-stop shop, fully included in this map. Maps can also be downloaded, users can zoom and click to view nearby locations as needed, without the hassle of waiting too long to download new locations. It also provides satellite imagery, satellite imagery, or alternative satellite imagery with map data from the desired location that users can zoom in and out of. The app also includes a World View and a Click-to-Earth button to promote 3D maps and geographical landscapes in Google Earth on maps, with options for moving, moving and zooming. It also includes street photography, which offers image navigation at street level. In addition, it provides detailed instructions if users specify an address, maps can determine the location and draw a detailed driving directions for the Inquirer device. The left-click series can double-click to get more information.

Free and lightweight
Approximately its download size is Megabytes and is suitable for users 12 and older. It’s designed to be accessible to everyone, making it easy to use for everyone. Supported processors are x86, ARM and x64. The program is over in the United States, France, Denmark, England, Australia, Spain, United Arab Emirates and Thailand, in just a few countries. It’s always designed for free and can be transferred to different platforms.

I’m trying!
In conclusion, do not let the fact that they did not cheat in their own right, developer Kumar Singh has created an excellent card application that is easy to use and powerful. Its convenience and easy access are sure to remain one of the most downloaded apps on the Internet for years to come. If you have a pleasant place to go and want a good mapping system to help you get there, then feel free to download the application as soon as possible.


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