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MS Office 2013 that was in the process of development from 2010 is a flagship product of Microsoft. One of the main innovations compared to MS Office 2010 is its extended file format support, user interface and support (function () {(‘ app review-Page-desktop-‘);});

Known uses, news

With the new reading mode optimized for play on the word 2013, you can navigate through the documents using your finger. Microsoft Publisher 2013 Make changes to the documents has had an excellent study and has been extended in order to facilitate the publication of the document.
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Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 also means PDF files without additional software, making it a direct competitor to Adobe Acrobat.

In Excel, 2013 those filling the Flash auto-spacing to automate the cells involved. The entire table is Excel, detects the relationship between cells and suggests a value or text. Excel makes it also the way in which the tables and Graphicsby produce suggestions in a similar way. The quick scan back into Microsoft Office 2013 will see some formatting options in the worksheet itself.

2013 PowerPoint Presenter is divided in two different points of view for the audience and the presenter. In addition to the presentation, you can also see the bulleted list and more details about the presenter view. In the pills, will rule between the slides in useseat, painted with a pencil from a Conference in the video, or using a virtual laser pointer.

In all views, Outlook 2013 includes menus fade-out for appointments, contacts, and tasks. E-mail messages in Outlook now 2013 is kind to the bedside table and can be viewed, if desired, in a list view optimized with large spaces.

Using one touch optimized and a minimastic design of Windows 8

When you use the Microsoft Office Professional Plus, 2013 you will be a change. The famous bar StripIt expands only when needed and is sonified for the operation said on touch screens. In addition to images, you can insert videos using the HTML code of Microsoft Office 2013ProfessionalMás. Each application comes with new display modes that have been optimized for touch.

Microsoft Office Professional 2013 Plus uses the same miniature mosaic scheme as Windows 8, and everything seems to conform to the other; The large icons, clean there are for the most important functions, while the new templates provide visually engaging spreadsheets and presentations.

Conclusion: the Office Rooms of improvement around

Microsoft Office professional plus 2013 comes with many useful features, which allows you to use touch screen devices that are used selectively. Unfortunately, the Office is nothing but friendly Board. Many of the elements of selection and options are too small to untrained fingers.

However, other Microsoft Office Professional 2013 Plus features are much more compelling: the PDF Editor contains enhanced options to edit, group integration is excessive with SkyDrive and additions such as video YouTube inserts, these they are very innovative. If you are looking for a more affordable option that is compatible with MS Office, you can always see the WPS Office


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