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If you receive a PowerPoint presentation (in PPT), but not a Microsoft Office or a Power Point, you do not have a PowerPoint Viewer, a freeware program that allows you to open (but not edit) PowerPoint (() {(‘ Review-app-page-Desktop ‘);}); The Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer is easy to use and allows you to view full presentations created in PowerPoint 97 and later viewer also supports open password-protected presentations of Microsoft PowerPoint and allows you to print open presentations in You have it installed, all you have to do is go to the file you want to open from the menu file.

It only opens presentations in full-screen mode, which is a bit annoying, but you can navigate through the images by right clicking on the current image. The Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer supports the entire set of PowerPoint extension, including. PPT. pptx. Ppm. Pot. POTX,. PoTM,. Pps. PPSX i. GpSp. When you open a file, other default PowerPoint Viewer files open automatically, which is all you need to open PowerPoint files without having to go to the cost of installing PowerPoint.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 is a powerful presentation program included with Office 2013.

Like most other applications that come with Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 includes a redesigned greeting page that is really useful. You will get a list of recently opened files on the left and also a template grid to begin with. You can also search the top for more models if you don’t see one according to your needs. When you click or click on the template will give you a window to select the option (Function () {(‘ Browse-app-page-Desktop ‘);});

Like most new releases of PowerPoint, Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 includes a bunch of new themes, templates, and transitions. Microsoft has also included some basic photo editing features. You can select a filter for imported pictures in PowerPoint 2013. These editing features are basic and feel a bit like hindsight. You still want to use a program like Photoshop to do a heavy photo modification.

When you’re talking about photos, you can now import photos and videos from the Internet. Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 integrates with the services that are linked to your Microsoft account. You can extract videos from YouTube and photos from Facebook.

It’s also better to format and organize photos in PowerPoint 2013. There are new wizards that match all Microsoft Office products. Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 is smart enough to show how graphics will be aligned to other graphics in the image.

Integrating with SkyDrive is completely in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, so you can choose to work with a presentation from any device linked to SkyDrive. There is also a PowerPoint Web application to make some basic changes. You still want to use a computer or tablet with Microsoft PowerPoint2013 to do serious work.

New in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 is a “submission presentation”, which throws a handy quick screen to customize with multiple monitors. There is an expired timer so you can help evaluate yourself and not work for a while. You can have notes in the sidebar so you don’t try to read the picture. This happens to all people who are not suitable for spectators.

PowerPoint 2013 has received manyUpdates that facilitate the use of tacontinues to be one of the best programs for implementing presentations. Don’t forget to check out our in-depth look at PowerPoint 2013 new features here.

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2007

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