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If you want to read eBooks on your mobile device or from your desktop, Mobipocket Reader Desktop is the app for you.

Organize your e-library, gather all your RSS feeds and eDocs in one place. Mobipocket Reader Desktop is a simple and intuitive application and is one of the best search engines on the desktop. What makes eBook software great is that you can include any eBook format, which most other readers don’t () {(‘previev-page-page-desktop’);});

When reading an eBook, there is a full-screen mode, you can change fonts, colors and subfolders and display in full-screen mode. Text can be emphasized, nodes and links added as well. It looks really flexible and fun to use. Several page views are available, and page conversions can be done using the arrow keys, spacebar, or mouse.

RSS readers are important, but they are not as well organized as Google’s. The story opens as if it were in a browser, so you see the webpage itself, not the modified text. the search function on Mobipocket Reader Desktop works well.

The only downside to Mobipocket Reader is that the dictionary function only works if you download it from the Mobipocket eBookstore.

If you want to read books on your computer, the Mobipocket Reader desktop is the best software for it.

Mobipocket Reader Desktop

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