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The free web browser to view in Mozilla Firefox is a classic and free web browser that exists since 2004. It has been useful in recent years, with Chrome, newcomers to the browser and even newer versions of Internet Explorer. Well, despite the anxiety, it actually has a very good effect. Firefox takes a while to get back on its feet. It’s already here, but are you doing enough?

Browsers with privacy in Mozilla Firefox are not new to the browser scene. Many years have passed and it has been popular, if not more, by Google Chrome. However, with Chrome’s growth, it seems to have lost its shine and after 2013 it looks faster and lower. Well, Firefox is back with a new browser that is completely focused on privacy. Is it enough to keep the browser veteran or too small, too late? For (function () {(‘view-application-page-desktop’);}); Downloading and installing FirefoxWorking in Firefox is as easy and fast as you expect. There are very few loops to go: instead of offering configuration and synchronization options during the installation process, simply install the browser and offer good synchronization when finished. The disadvantage, of course, is that if you want to have good control over your Firefox configuration, you must immerse yourself. On Wednesday I would definitely recommend this, since Firefox offers a lot of control over several options, especially privacy. As this may be one of the main reasons why he downloaded it, it took a long time. Explore your options by clicking on the three horizontal bars in the upper left of the Privacy window. Mozilla Firefox offers users the first thing they will notice when they open Firefox and how fast and attractive it is. The speed of Firefox, which is one of the key selling points, is also fun. All this is excellent for Firefox and evaluators tell us how fast (and they do it), but it looks and feels fast when you use it, most importantly, Firefox also uses less memory and, together, they have a surprising effect on tasks They consume many resources, such as playing games or running other programs on your computer. Firefox also mentions tabs specifically, saying that they have changed the way browsers handle partition processes to interrupt them, make them faster, more flexible and less likely to fail or the browser also maintains a large library of add-ons, which is a Excellent good way to expand the functionality of your browser. There are also many themes, so even if you’re not a fan of purple and orange, there are other options for Quantum, Nightly and more. Quick detectors: When conducting a Firefox survey, you can view other versions of the snapshot and wonder which one to choose. This is what it offers: Firefox: the standard version that Firefox Quantum can download: great names are what attracts people to Firefox Quantum, but unfortunately, this is just the name of the stable version of Firefox released during the year. 2017 Not all editions receive the names, but this one, and lives in Peoples Nightly: absolute absolute construction. Cold features are possible, but again, so are mistakes. Firefox Beta: the latest version tested. Goodbalance between Cool Editions and Developers: such as Tin Writes, Developers Firefox Extended Support Release: this version is for people running large-scale Firefox deployments, as in a large company. Stable, but not all current Lockwise, password manager. One thing we are not particularly interested in is this: when you look at these features in Firefox, or on the Mozilla website, or on the Welcome page, after installing the browser, you will see some excellent sound features like Lockwise , Monitor, and send. They are something that is integrated into the browser: Lockwise is a password manager, but to use all its functions, you must synchronize your browser. Monitor is not part of the browser, but it is a service that you need to have a Firefox account and, finally, Submit is a completely separate website. All this is not clear from the home page and it may seem that all of these are standard features of Firefox, which is not your privacy. Chrome. For ad blockers, Firefox has some heavy weapons under the hood. You choose the level of browser security you need by choosing between the Standard, Strict and Custom configurable modes, and there are a number of extensions that block Firefox-approved ads that you can add to improve and improve the many levels of privacy control of Firefox to deepen the configuration options: in the menu Privacy and options. Here you can configure ad blockers as mentioned, and also change permissions for things like cameras that allow or prevent Firefox from collecting data and specifying when and how to handle malicious downloads and security certificates. In addition, there is a very high level of personal tracking mode and it blocks the default password manager (although you can get more sophisticated password managers, such as downloads or add-ons separately). In fact, although it is not a feature, Firefox has a formal, detailed and first, transparent and formal view of privacy that defines what data it detects, who it shares and why it does so. It is good to see that this only works as a great browser. We admire Firefox and think of it as a fully equipped primary browser. It looks good, moves fast and has all the functions you can get from a browser. There are add-ons and Firefox for Android, it achieves high transparency and works hard to continuously update the features it offers to users. It is clear that privacy is a key component of the benefits of Firefox, but its aspects are a bit confusing for us. If you have no interest in privacy, Firefox is unlikely to offer enough to tempt you with your existing privacy, it is very important for you, there is a great possibility of doing something stronger than Firefox, such as Firefox Focus or one of the new browsers created with privacy, like Tor. For people on the contrary, Firefox may be a good option, but only if it is rejected by your old browser, without the stimulus, it is simply not enough to force us to jump. Other important alternatives are UC Browser, Brave or; Recent changes The latest version of Firefox has made several security fixes and added notifications when FirefoxIt blocks cryptocurrencies that run blockchain crawlers, Firefox Monitor violation violations are integrated and accessible for users with screen readers, and Firefox now offers saved entries from other subdomains at certain times. . Finally, Firefox will now send new languages ​​such as Tagalog (tl) and Triqui (trs).

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