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Mozilla Firefox Quantum is a free open source web browser

which offers many functions and customization options. her

performance is great and designed to protect you;

All the features you needFirefox includes the latest Firefox Quantum update of some of the built-in functions that can be expanded through a large directory of extensions.

() ({review-app-page-desktop);)) Provides the ability to customize Tabbed Browser in the browser – a standard for all browsers for a long time. It also has an integrated search engine and is easy to personalize.

From the home page, you’ll have access to the Google search box and a playlisc allowing access to downloads, bookmarks, history,additions, synchronization and settings. It has all the key features, including spell checking, a built-in PDF reader, geotagging navigation and much more.

When it comes to security, there is a function of blocking pop-ups, filtering and anti-phishing protection to protect the privacy of the user, which is the cornerstone of Mozilla. In addition to the widespread private browsing mode, Firefox allows you to block site tracking, and even inform you which websites to follow by adding Lightbeam.

Firefox offers a system that guarantees that websites you visit are reliable. Check also if your connection is secure. Security updates automatically guarantee that you will always beprotected from the latest threats.

It also provides several basic functions such as spell checking, an integrated PDF reader, geolocation navigation, read-only reading, pocket integration and much more.

The biggest advantage of Firefox is the high flexibility of each user, thanks to a number of customization options that allow you to fix your browser and customize it to your needs – including the ability to notify your favorite sites will send you push notifications.

Many topics are available to prepare for the Firefox interface and you can organize these tools and the most-used functions in the menu or on the personal toolbar.

Add-ons are a great way to adaptbrowsers and increase the functionality. Some add-ons have become important, such as Adblock Plus or Video DownloadHelper, with several million users.

Additionally, Firefox is the Firefox Website, an online chat service based on the chat service (so you do not need an additional plugin). In Firefox Hello, you can also send a page visited directly to your friends.

Since version 35, Firefox allows access to the Firefox Marketplace extension store from the toolbar;

One of the best browsers available. One of the reasons why Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular internet browsers in the world. It is complete in terms of features, reliability and flexibility and offers everything that isneeded to surf the Internet in the simplest way;

Firefox Quantum is the latest update to the Mozilla Firefox browser. Its main functionality is acceleration, because the new version uses 30% less RAM compared to Google Chrome. To be better suited to the latest needs of users, including Firefox Quantum add-ons, such as WebVR and WebAssembly, which are compatible with desktop goggles applications for virtual reality. After trying this update, we can say that Firefox Quantum is twice as fast when it comes to loading pages from its predecessor

ChangesFirefox Quantum is the latest update to the Mozilla Firefox browser. Its main function accelerates becausethe new version uses 30% less RAM than Google Chrome. To be better suited to the latest needs of customers, Firefox Quantum now includes plug-ins such as WebVR and WebAssembly compatible with computer applications and virtual glasses of truth. After trying this update, we can say that FirefoxQuantum is twice as fast as it loads websites from its predecessor

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