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Pro Evolution Football 2015 has joined the FIFA Challenge for the throne’s best football game.
Since last year, the game has improved, more fluid animation and physics have been updated. AI intelligent and visual appearance of each team is loyal (function () {(‘ Study-application-site-desktop ‘);});
Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 offers great information because the player looks like athletes are based on a deep, stadium and atmosphere.

Competition for all

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 has a variety of game mode: Friendly matches, international competition, Master League, multiplayer online, became a legend, and my new club, which is the Ultimate Team FIFA.
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The game is licensed for a large international competition, such as Champions League, Europa League, and European super cut. A group of countries involved but without a license.
For beginners, Pro Evolution Soccer training through 2015 covers the way game skills teaches you the techniques needed to succeed in the game. Many of these games feel similar to FIFA though.

New Feelings Game

There is no big difference between 2014 2015 contrast to paste, but the updated animations allow more responsive.
A more realistic player animation, but there are several times still when you move awkaldest. The ball dribble looks much better and the speed player on the field was convincing.
Physics balls is much better, replace it with a heavy ball ball feel that the game has in advance.

Pro Evolution Football more reasonable pace than 2015 from FIFA and you have space and time for a better strategy with the team.

Use the system to create and manage a system to create tactics for competition. It can be used at some point during a competition that gives the game a more dynamic tactical flow.
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AI is more asking than following the predictable action, it is consistent with how you play to make the game more challenging.
One thing I like most is that PES 2015 able to multiply a great team of gameplay. FC Barcelona is known as Real Madrid owns, exploits speed and Bayern are focused on strength and instability. This makes playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 feel like a real match.

Stadium in the living room

PES 2015 offers better graphics. The physical comparison of famous players was amazing and little detail also show spots.

The atmosphere at the stadium was great, modeling noise in the crowd realistic and sound intensity based on how people go to compete. Audience participation contribute to the realism of the game.

Has FIFA been eliminated?

PES 2015 is a great soccer simulator.
Konami in significant steps in improving the game. The game is not perfect, but because a smaller number of official licenses, in the menu of the given layout, not all animations has been improved.

This is small abdominal cramps compared to if not really fun game though.
The gap between FIFA and PES is older, and Konami has got lots of land with Pro Evolution Soccer 2015.

PES 2015

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