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(function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Project IGI: Im Going In is a classic game from Interloop Studios that draws a lot of action lovers. It follows the trends in popular first-person shooter games like Rainbow Six, Delta Force and SWAT 3 series, avoiding brilliant futuristic weapons and imaginative settings and focusing instead on modern reality. In the game, you will play as David Lowell Jones, a former Special Air Service member, tasked with restoring a stolen nuclear warhead and preventing international terrorism. The IGI project consists of 14 missions that combine covert, covert surveillance and powerful firefighters. It gives you access to a huge arsenal of real weapons and high-tech gadgets. This game encourages theft and close monitoring rather than brute force, giving you a refreshing experience of the traditional shooting genre. Despite its long and complex tasks, its reproduction is limited due to its drawbacks. Among these explosions are his limitation on player, obscure parts of the mystery and the change to a promising point of view. The game doesn’t save your progress either, which requires you to restart several times from scratch.

Project IGI

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