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Captivity is very common nowadays, so it is very important for users to know how to protect themselves while browsing the internet. One easy way to secure your security is to have a VPN or private network. ProtonVPN is a VPN developed by one team that created a secure ProtonMail email client. It offers the same level of security as its popular email client partner?

The HistoryProtonVPNs story starts with ProtonMail above. ProtonMail is an encrypted email client for the first time in 2014 in Cern. The e-mail service is known for providing high security and privacy to its users. To take security to a new level, developers have decided to launch ProtonVPN.

(function () {(‘preview-application-page-desktop’);}); Features Basically, ProtonVPN talks about security, and most VPN services focus on it. If so, users can expect a robust encryption of a very secure Internet connection. ProtonVPN also ensures that they only use secure VPN protocols, such as IKEv2 / IPSec. While there are other costly protocols to implement, ProtonVPN will only apply any security risks to its users. It also has a powerful Kill Svitch feature that blocks all network traffic while preventing ProtonVPN from blocking any data and user leaks related to espionage issues. ProtonVPN is located in Switzerland, which means it cannot be forced to spy on its users. Its core servers are also protected by the body in all its locations. Anonymity is also valued by a VPN. Users can sign up for the service with an anonymous ProtonMail account. It has a no-logging policy that prevents VPNs from accessing user information and leaving it to other people.

PerformanceProtonVPN has free and paid plans. The features of each program are almost identical. How many services you can get depends on the price structure you get. Clearly, the free program is the most discounted. You can only connect three countries, use one device, and watch at medium speed. However, if you join the vision program, you will be able to connect with any country. You can also get instant connection to up to ten devices. Peer participation is possible with any paid projects, but not with a free plan.

Safe and secure If you are looking for a completely secure VPN, then ProtonVPN may be the one you’re looking for. It’s a friend-friendly VPN that anyone can install on their device. With its good configuration and ease of use, you can get started right away. It may be worth investing in paid plans, especially if you use peer-to-peer sharing. All in all, a qualified VPN to keep you safe.


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