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Rainbow Six Siege incorporates Ubisoft’s popular FPS tactics in the classic FPS shooter and brings it to a natural end to Counter Strike multiplayer team games.

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In addition to creating some strict FPS games, Ubisoft Montreal focuses on three main aspects: the development of Rainbow Six Sieges, teamwork, tactics and tension.
On a cramped map with an inaccessible environment, each Rainbow Six Siege round operates according to the same basic formula of the counter-terrorism team that tries to thwart the terrorist forces (or at least that’s what I call them, in fact they are a different Ups team) We specialize in defense skills. While five to five activities maintain a balance of numbers, goals and classes are different. This creates an asymmetrical game in which each team guesses.
This requires the parties to first plan their tactics to find out which class of characters to complete before each round. As an additional layer to this plan, before the attack began, there was a phase in which Rainbow Six forces could plan the area to plan the attack, while the other team improved their defenses.
That’s why teamwork and tactics are discussed, but tensions are harder to reduce. Fortunately, Ubisoft has some very clear ideas on how to reach the third pillar of this development.

Plan and attack
This part is the duration of the match. Short-term bets are key, and team and multiplayer games only last three minutes per round.
Asymmetrical games are designed so that you do not guess. This beta version includes, for example, the Rainbow Six team who must save a hostage from home. Not knowing the location of hostages, but knowing that in due time staff will have to apply their surveillance techniques to determine the location of the host. When this happens, the terrorist can close the door, strengthen the wall and secure the window to slow down the attack.
To offset the lack of knowledge of the anti-terrorist team, the small map is very vertical. This allows you to enter certain things, such as windows that you can parasitize, and walls that you can destroy to create new, invisible paths to your destination.
To keep up with several rival players, the team can also ride a wave of terrorists in Hunt Terror mode. He sees his team trying to defuse the bomb while terrorists swim in waves trying to stop him.

Keep talking
With various difficulty settings between modes, including realistic options that kill everyone at once – Rainbow Six Siege provides an hour of online fun. Make sure you have friends to play because it is a game where communication is essential to success.

Rainbow Six Siege

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