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VFX Suite provides a powerful toolkit for realistic visual effects in After Effects. With Supercomp, light and atmosphere effects interact much more naturally with all your layers and elements in a scene than is possible with a simple 2D layer package. VFX Suite also includes tools for adding shadows and reflections that accelerate some of the key elements in creating a professional composite.

Chroma key

With VFX Suite, you can quickly and automatically perform chrome coding. Whether you’re using a green or blue screen, Primatte Keyer can regularly press a perfect one-click button. Primatt cleaning tools help turn even the toughest images into solid, professional composites. Optimize chroma key results with Primatte in combination with Supercomp’s mailing tool.

Search and rectification

Does VFX Suite have fast and accurate flat tracking in After Effects? AE doesn’t have to leave AE for great corner needle tracking results. Whether you are stuck on a rectangular plate or something that is not rectangular, with King Pin Tracker, you have everything under control. Spot Clone Tracker is also included, a powerful tool to quickly remove unwanted spots and objects in your image.

Light and shine

VFX Suites Optical Glow produces a fast, beautiful photorealistic glow effect, perfect for visual effects and moving graphics. It’s easy to use and by far the highest quality brightness ever created for Adobe After Effects. Knoll Light Factory offers Industrial Light and Magic 3D lens blowers and over 200 1960s-based presets for movie viewing.


With VFX Suite, you can easily create beautiful prismatic scroll effects for visual effects and moving graphics. Does color change, in contrast to the After Effects change map effect, use the neck image as a height map for beautiful organic results? Perfect for generating energy fields, heat effects, refractions, camouflage effects and more.

Supercomp VFX

Supercomp is a composition environment that facilitates the creation of complex and integrated compositions. In Supercomp, light and atmosphere effects interact much more naturally and with less pre-composition than ever with ALL of your layers and elements in a scene. Supercomp includes more than 15 GPU-accelerated context-sensitive tools that let you integrate all your elements into your final footage.

System Requirements:

Windows 10 (x64)

Adobe Creative Cloud (2017-2020)


” ” Installation / activation instructions are included in the folder! ” ”

Red Giant VFX Suite 1

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