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Samsung Kies is the official Samsung tool device for Android, which allows you to manage music and videos. If you have a personal computer and a Samsung mobile device, this is an important application.

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Samsung Kies will allow you to get and install updates on the firmware on your Samsung phones and upgrade them regularly so they fit your mobile phone Samsung’s newest. In addition, Samsung Kies has also worked in the handling and administration of contacts and calendar events between mobile device and Mac.

If you are running Microsoft Office, Samsung Kies will also allow you to sync your Microsoft Outlook content with Samsung’s mobile devices. This is also a very useful backup solution, as it can back up data from local data on your mobile device, including bookmarks, locations (such as general settings, free Wi-Fi list) alarms, connections, music, videos or pictures. Note that it is not protected by multimedia backup.


Although the features are full, Samsung Kies are reliable. Sometimes you cannot find that the Samsung device is connected, it can be difficult to reconcile and can be very slow.

Samsung Kies feel like a job in progress. This will not make your mobile phone content as easy as Apple does with ITunes.


Samsung Kies is an important tool for every PC users Android Samsung device, but rather flawless.

Samsung keys do not support any version of the Android OS before you connect your mobile device to Kies via a USB cable, then automatically notify you of any new information on your device by connecting your mobile device Kies with USB cable E will automatically notify you of your Updates of the device firmware.

Samsung Kies

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