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Sek! Gossip! Scandalous! For more than 60 years, the National Enkuirer has been pumping rude and shocking stories, widening the boundaries of journalism and blurring the boundaries between truth and fiction. SCANDALOUS is a sensational true story of the most famous tabloid in American history, a wild and cautious look at how newspapers attract the reader’s understanding of the darkest curiosity that brings him great profit and influence. From covering Elvis’ death to Monica Levinski and Simpson’s murder process, the National Enkuirer has shaken the foundations of American culture and politics, sometimes allegedly using reward and extortion to grab his spoon. With rare archives and discoveries as wild as the titles of the National Enquirer, SCANDALOUS examines our obsession with the rich, celebrities, and powerful, and the gossip magazines that have fueled that obsession with generations of Americans.

Scandalous 2019

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