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SHAZAM is a well-known mobile application that lets you discover which song is playing on your phone while you’re playing a song. It is now for Windows 8 Shazam’s Mobile version is mainly used to identify certain songs playing while you are on the go, Shazam for Windows 8 is better than a way to get even more information about music. You can buy songs, as well as watch music videos and concerts on YouTube. Users can easily read at Shazem (function () {(‘ Overview-app-page-desktop ‘), read lyrics or album reviews and artist biographies;}); There is also a social element in the Shazam. You can share your music stutter on Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter and other social for Windows 8 is also beautiful design uses the touchscreen. You can identify songs with a button to the right of the interface, which is convenient. It won’t always get a game for lesser known songs and artists mainstream song information programs, Shazam is a valuable program to add to your Windows 8 modern UI.


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