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Sonic Mania is a new addition to the Sonic franchise which harks back to the origins of the series. Anybody with fond memories of the classic Sonic the Hedgehog titles from the 1990s cannot afford to miss out on this title, which offers both a blast from the past and a brand new experience.

What Does Sonic Mania Offer?Although a new, never-before-released game, it is based closely on the very earliest tiles in the Sonic series – games that anybody who was a child of the 1990s will remember. Sonic once again goes into battle with his buddies Tails and Knuckles against Dr. Eggman. The ring-collecting, Badnik-busting gameplay will be familiar, but now each character has a special move of his own, and the slick 60 FPS framerate makes the adventures even faster than before. Load up this new Sonic title, and prepare to feel the thrills all over again!(function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });For New and Old Fans Alike

Whether you have fond memories of p1aying Sonic in the 1990s or whether

you are a newcomer to the series, you will find that this game is a

title which honours gaming history but does not forget to add something


Sonic Mania

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