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Creating Speed ​​Volume Keys Sound Volume-7 is a freeware program for Windows that allows you to create keyboard shortcuts that work on the speed and ease of volume control on your computer or laptop. In this way, Sound Volume-7 turns your keyboard into a multimedia controller. The backward compatibility also makes it a useful solution for most users who use Windows 2000 and higher for Windows. For most traditional laptops and desktops, the volume is controlled with the mouse via the menu at the bottom right of the screen. Although effective in execution, it is also difficult because you usually have to open a new window or move away from an open window. With Sound Volume-7, changing the volume is as easy as pressing a test or a test combination. Not only is it faster, it is also more intuitive and easier to implement. Users can adjust the volume up and down and mute. It is a simple program designed for a simple task, but can make a world of difference for fast-moving users (function () {(‘review-page-page-desktop’);}); Simple combinations Changing the volume of web buttons is not only easy to make, but also easy to do. Combinations such as CTRL + SHIFT + PLUS can increase the volume, while CTRL + SHIFT + MINUS decreases. In the meantime CTRL + SHIFT + mutes (STAR ​​or BACK SPACE).

Sound Volume 7

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