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Star Wars Battlefield is an example of “two steps forward, one step back”. On the one hand, we have the experience of truly rebuilding war in a distant galaxy, transporting it brilliantly into the film franchise. Plus, their play modes are fun, especially if you only enjoy them in small doses. Unfortunately, Star Wars Battlefield lacks content and diversity.

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Star Wars Battlefield is a joyous attack on your mind. Every version of the game is a technical miracle, but it’s especially dazzling on a PC. Even if you’ve never seen an episode of Star Wars Saga, you’re hypnotized as the Imperial AT-ST crosses the snowfields of Hoth, while the sound of TIE Fighters fighting X-Wings hits the sky.
In terms of pure mechanics, the Star Wars battlefield is impeccable. It is, of course, to be expected that DICE, the developer, has made good use of the success of its Battlefield exterior by adapting its Frostbite engine to Battlefront. From the movement to the shooting system and the character classes, all previous DICE games. The result is that every player, regardless of skill level, has a good chance to play for five minutes or two hours.
The supremacy of the Star Wars Battlefield is the star of the game. This gives you the opportunity to take part in 20 rebel battles against 20 emperors to control five key points on the big cards. This is delightful. However, if you don’t like large-scale battles, Battlefront also offers Deathmatch and Droid Run modes ranging from 10 to 10, where two 6-to-6 players must activate and hold three droids.
Don’t forget that the game also offers the ability to play as heroes and iconic villains. The opportunity to intervene in front of Vader or Luke during a fight gives you the opportunity to use the Force. In this sense, Star Wars Battlefront is very affordable.

Hate leads to suffering
Star Wars Battlefield problems arise when we think of the game as a long-term investment. These shortcomings can be summarized in three words: lack of content.
No reading mode or solo missions make things too boring because the context is not provided to the world other than Star Wars. And even if you use a franchise, you can forget to relive those epic space battles like the previous Battlefront 2. In addition, driving vehicles in the atmosphere leaves much to be desired in the atmosphere: speed is not known and controls are almost as easy.
Star Wars Battlefields are also limited in their location. Worst of all, we already know exactly why: The EA Editor plans to run them as DLC. Much of it is planned to coincide with the release of Force Awakens, but there is so much planned and so little in the original product that it’s hard not to recommend waiting to see how good this later content is. Simply, with the moment that is on the record, there is very little playing time before things happen again.

Are you not too short yet to be a complete game?
If you enjoy Star Wars and the Battlefield, you will certainly enjoy what the Star Wars Battlefield has to offer in low doses. I just hope it’s good.

Star Wars Battlefront 2015

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