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SuperMan Mod for GTA IV is an unofficial mod for Grand Theft Auto are a great way of enhancing your GTA IV experience. They can do all manner of cool things, like change the third person perspective into a first person point of view or letting you drive a Formula One (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });SuperMan Mod for GTA IV gives you an opportunity to fly around Liberty City like Superman himself. After installation, your character can take to the skies when you press F5. He’ll be controlled by the same keys you use for helicopters. Clicking F6 will allow you to use the mod is fun and the graphics are colorful. You can really get into the action of GTA IV in an entirely new way. Unfortunately, the controlled flying mode currently still has no Mod for GTA IV come with a readme file that’ll be helpful to your understanding of what the mod is capable of. To install SuperMan Mod for GTA IV, open your GTA IV folder and copy the zipped files from this mod into Mod for GTA IV is a fun way to add aspects of The Man of Steel into the Grand Theft Auto world.

SuperMan Mod for GTA IV

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