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Talking Tom Gold Run is a runner-based game that Outfit7 has published and developed for Apple’s iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone. This game allows users to endlessly run into various preset segments featuring characters like Talking Tom. In the game, players must “FINALLY NEED!” Scream because they just chose! Play this unlimited running game like Angela or Talking Tom to endlessly steal and reclaim your precious metal! Take as much gold as you can (function () {(‘overview-application-page-desktop’);});
Discover a new world, different running styles and get more energy as you run. In the end, endless pursuit pays dividends – you can use your base to build your dream home for Tom or Angela. During the current series, players will be able to pick up gold bars that can be used later to repair buildings or buy safes. Players can also gain additional wizards to gain additional gold bars, double their score, fly straight through obstacles and instead increase the performance of consecutive rider games. With each step the player takes in the current game, the total score increases significantly. From time to time, players will find checkpoints where they will receive additional bonuses and prizes. If obstacles occur, you have the opportunity to continue running by paying with dynamite.

Play with friends online
This application is approved by PRIVO. The secure PRIVO (Privacy Vault Online) seal indicates that Outfit7 publishers use the privacy settings of the Children’s Online Privacy Act to protect children’s personal information. Talking Tom does not allow young people to disclose their personal and personal information. Talking Tom Gold Run offers you the opportunity to compete and socialize with your friends on social networks and the ability to make in-game purchases (with the consent of the payer of the adult account). As an alternative to real-money in-app purchases, you can access various features by collecting prizes, such as gold stones, during the game. There are contextual product placements and Outfit7 developer product ads as well as integrated links to other game embedded Outfit 7 characters. In addition, there is an embedded link that directs customers to other Outfit7 games and web products.

Fun and gold come together
There are endless hours of fun as players chase robbers to find gold and build a talking cat’s dream house! You can open a strange new world with a variety of walking techniques and enjoy endless cash and in-kind benefits.

Talking Tom Gold Run

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