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Tux Paint is a very popular drawing and painting program that allows children to take the first steps in computer art! The face of Tux Paint is very focused on children. It is colourful and easy and will appeal even to small children. To facilitate this, child-expediency, it allows them to choose the saved image from thumbnail and AutoSave functions, so there is no problem, even if they accidentally closed (function () {(“Browse-applications-site-Desktop” );}); Some of the Tux Paint children other appropriate configuration settings displayed in a completely separate that cannot be achieved using pictures you can change certain settings to ensure that it is suitable for all applications, including displayed on page Tux Paint, language used and sound effects. In terms of children, Tux Paint should be great. It has a bundle of features of Tux Paint marks, colors, patterns and magic effects and various functions appear only in an area of brush, after selecting the Tools option, but a little tell your child to find their new mail character has 100 added and Windows 95/98/ME Renew Recesschanesover 100 brand new has been added, and Windows 95/98/ME compatibility recovery

Tux Paint

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