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UBlock Origin is an extension for Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers. Works for both Safari and Edge Betas. It is a free, open-source extension that prevents your ads from being displayed. It is designed because people are annoyed by pop-ups that overwrite your current content filter block. Origin blocking is a browser extension on all platforms that is built to allow people to filter their own content. This allows people to make their own content decisions without viewing advertisements that offend them. More importantly, they’ve found a way to stop ads that you can’t click or ads that keep playing new messages when you try to close them. There is no GUI because the extension runs in the background without your knowledge. It doesn’t slow down your browser – it even speeds things up if you tend to visit web pages with a large number of ads on (function () {(‘review-page-page-desktop’);}); Where is the damage when downloading and using. Most adblockers have a time when it won’t work and advertisers will find a new way to show ads without your permission. Although the uBlock Origin extension is available, you may also be able to extract it for free. It is a simple add-on that you can install and then remove if it no longer works (if it ever happens). There is really no disadvantage to using this plug-in.

UBlock Origin

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