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I use online dictionaries a lot in my daily work, so I am looking for new tools, tools and plug-ins that can make my dictionary easier.

One is Final Dictionaries, a complete dictionary that lets you search for words directly on the Windows desktop. The Final Dictionary contains a large collection of dictionaries, so with an installation file of 158 MB you can search for definitions, synonyms and translations with different variants (function {) {(‘check-program-page-desktop’);};

The program has a simple, low-level structure with two main areas: on the left, you can choose to have a list of dictionaries available or a list of keywords while searching. On the right you see the definition of words and / or translations. You can also enable “Scan” mode in Ultimate Dictionary, which creates a dictionary that follows the mouse and displays a pop-up window with word definition under the arrow.

Update Dictionary is easy to use and makes searching very fast. You can also change the order in which dictionaries are always yours at the top of the list. The disadvantage is that the program still lacks various advanced functions, such as the option to add more dictionaries or to narrow the window in the system model.

With Final Dictionaries you can search every word in more than 30 dictionaries on your desktop at the same time.

Ultimate Dictionary

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