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Ultimate DrumKit is the downloadable app for drummers. Every music fan wants to play in a band, but musical instruments are expensive–especially if you want to play the drums. That’s before anyone mentions finding somewhere to put them, and the fact that real drums aren’t exactly portable! This app makes learning and practicing the drums easy and fun!Drum Kit Emulator on Your ComputerUltimate Drumkit can be downloaded easily and instantly turns your keyboard into a drum kit with a choice of three separate kits. Users can even import their personal home drum kits so they can practice their beats on the move with their own equipment. The app is free and quick to download and run, and once downloaded, allocates keys on the keyboard to each of the drums. The keys for each drum are set out on the keyboard in such a way to enable the player to really get a good rhythm going. Stick on some backing music, bring up the app and drum away to your favourite songs!(function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Beautiful in its SimplicityFor a free app, Ultimate DrumKit provides hours of noisy fun in the home and office without the need for expensive gaming equipment. It has a remarkably realistic drum sound, and the keyboard configuration uses a number of keys for each drum to prevent awkward miskeying. It could possibly be improved with some drumless music tracks as part of the app, but it’s still good as it is.

Ultimate DrumKit

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