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Volume 2 provides users with many other audio options than those associated with a standard control panel. In fact, many consider this bundle to be a complete replacement for the built-in Windows sound controller. It offers a number of skins to choose from and all controls can be modified to suit the needs of the Uses and ApplicationsVolume 2 can be thought of as an advanced audio editor and mixer in many ways. Not only can the volume itself be adjusted with a single click, but additional features such as the inclusion of hot keys and an equalizer will provide a powerful means to enhance audio playback in no time at all. The standard on-screen volume control will be replaced with a rotating wheel that can be adjusted through the use of a mouse. It is also possible to integrate this program with standard Windows-supported playback (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Additional Details and OptionsVolume 2 can work with all versions of Windows between XP and Windows 8. It currently supports well over a dozen languages and it can be connected to external devices via a USB cable. This bundle was created in 2012 and it is free to download. At kilobytes, it is also extremely lightweight.

Volume 2

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