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XML Visualization This simple and intuitive XML viewer is never a MindFusion tool that facilitates content verification and XML simplification customization. The software download file is compact and small, which means it does not require too much storage or memory from your computer. To constantly improve and enrich the user experience, MindFusion offers new tools for over and over again. The existing version has been completely rewritten to provide extra features to the users. For example, the XML color of the tree can now be changed as desired. XML nodes now support bookmarks, folders, and line numbers. In addition, the upload process is optimized, which means that large files can be quickly analyzed and presented. In addition, XML can be modified in various ways, such as node deletion and insertion, as well as the deletion and addition of features to the current function () () {(‘review-app-desktop-page’);); Popularity and support XML Viewer is one of the most reliable and reliable options for viewing XML files, both for companies and for individual users. MindFusion is a trusted name in the software industry, and the XML Viewer product has been around for a long time. In fact, it sees hundreds of downloads almost every day and the users consider it one of the best. This support from the user community can be attributed to the uncompromising performance it provides. And the fact that MindFusion offers free tools for non-commercial use is a big advantage. Companies get a lifetime license of $ 10 per copy, which is pretty cheap again.

XML Viewer

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