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YouTube VR is a free video application and playback for YouTube that allows you to view video content at 360 degrees in a special theater mode. It is able to provide the full YouTube experience and then take it to another level by integrating interactive controls and special display modes that are different to anything possible in the standard version of the video itself. ContentYouTube VR not only are playing videos in front of your eyes, it takes you on a trip. Fliqlo 32bit Torrent Download
When viewing videos, or at 360 degrees or a standard view, YouTube VR goes into theater mode, which mimics the big screen experience. With a box feel that doesn’t come out with the outside light, you feel like you’re in the movies. Along with the space audio to listen to real-world sounds that increase the sound intensity of the videos, you get an experience that YouTube-Sign-inMet YouTube VR, log on to YouTube as you would in the standard application. Your subscriptions, playlists, history and more for a personalized experience. You can also search with the keyboard or voice control and still watch a video while doing it (function () {(‘ review-App-Page-Desktop ‘);});


YouTube VR

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